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Comment of MBC Exec. Dir. Peter Perfecto on the Inauguration of President Rodrigo Duterte and Vice President Leni Robredo

30 June 2016 – We laud President Rodrigo Duterte’s first order to all Cabinet secretaries to reduce requirements and processing time of all applications across all agencies and remove redundancies in these requirements and to respect the sanctity of contracts.

We further laud his statement that the country will honor all existing treaties and international obligations. We are encouraged as well by his call for inclusivity in the ongoing and other peace processes, particularly of indigenous peoples.

Finally, we are pleased to hear that both President Duterte and Vice President Leni Robredo have called for the nation to work together and set aside personal interests to reach our shared vision for the nation.

In response to their calls, we reiterate our commitment to work closely with the new government to make the people’s lives better, safer, and healthier.

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Press Statements

Cementing ties, expanding trade and investments at the 14th Philippine-Spanish Friendship Day

(First Row: L-R) Tomas Ibañez, Enrique Feas, Angel Gomez , Ramon Arnaiz, Pablo Alvarez, Marie Antoniette Mariano, Alberto Manuel, Emilio Real, Barbara Apraiz, Javier Berenguer, Alfredo Roca, Roberto Bautista, Peter Perfecto, Vincent Lao, Francisco Moreno, Guillermo Luz (Second Row: L-R) Gonzalo Ferreiros, Peter Hager, Ruben Camba, Roman Azanza III, Amb, Calvo, Noel Kintanar, Consul Javier Martin, Zane Falsner, Chaco Molina


27 June 2016 — In celebration of the 14th anniversary of Philippine-Spanish Friendship Day (Dia de la Amistad entre España y Filipinas), which coincides with the 117th anniversary of the historic Siege of Baler, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines (La Cámara) and the Makati Business Club (MBC) hosted an intimate business networking luncheon held today at The Peninsula Manila, Makati City. Spain’s Ambassador to the Philippines Luis Antonio Calvo graced the event as its guest of honor.

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Press Statements

MBC Statement on the 2016 Elections

10 May 2016 – The 2016 national and local elections were passionately contested. The campaign was fierce and people were deeply divided among personalities, parties, and platforms. In the face of these tensions, the will of the Filipino electorate prevailed.  The Makati Business Club congratulates the nation for another successful manifestation of a fully-functioning and vigorous democracy.

The Commission on Elections deserves much appreciation for its management of a process, seen by many as highly credible, clean, and honest. We note that last minute changes in procedures, delays in logistical preparations, glitches in the Vote Counting Machines during election day itself, and the usual controversies presented significant challenges, which we believe Comelec adequately addressed. Indeed, automation is the way forward given the improvements since 2010, and the refreshing practice of losing candidates conceding early to the apparent winners, demonstrating dignity in the face of defeat, and the apparent winners showing humility in victory, should be commended.

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COMMENTARY: A vote for our future

A Filipino translation of the column is available at this link.


By MBC Chairman Ramon R. Del Rosario Jr.

3 May 2016 – We will be electing our next president in 16 days. Amid the political noise and clutter, it may be good to pause to consider just what it is we are trying to achieve.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte was our guest at a recent meeting of the Management Association of the Philippines and the Makati Business Club. He is now the frontrunner in the presidential race, and Election Day is only a few days away.

As we consider our final choices, my appeal is that we pause to fully appreciate the implications of our vote. Whatever others may say, the choice of our next president does matter, very much. The reason our economy has done well these past six years, and many more jobs have been created compared to the previous 12, is mainly the improvement in governance provided by President Aquino and his Cabinet, which brought about the confidence investors needed to bring in their investments and create many more jobs.

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